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There is an abundance of dance related subjects, articles, dance merchandise if you search them out through the following links.

Within these links are many hyperlinks, in which if followed up, will give you a wealth of information even for the most interested dance aficionado.

We even have Freddie Finn's own Seal Of Approval "LINKS JUST FOR KIDS" (See below).  They'll love the various sites he has personally selected for them to explore and have fun.  Meanwhile, providing them many opportunities to increase and strengthen their knowledge as they learn.

Enjoy your browse and remember it all started right here on the Freddie Finn Website!  ENJOY.
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Dancers, Choreographers and Dance Companies
The Tap Dancing Time Step, etc.
Has Audio/Video Clips

Just like our site here..........Parents will feel safe to have Kids visit these sites selected by Freddie himself

Note to Parents:  Every effort has been made personally by Mr. Finn himself to ensure parents' peace of mind that these links just for kids are given his own personal Seal Of Approval in not leading them astray to objectional materials on the net and that kids of all ages will enjoy them immensely and so will you as parents.
Great site for teens & grown-ups also  You'll like it as much as the kids do
  Link to Little Explorers Family education for your entire family
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This whole site is having MAJOR RENOVATIONS done to it throughout....and there are no POTHOLES to stumble into or worry about... as we clean up after ourselves after each job is done each & every time changes are made..... which is practically on a daily basis!  So There!
We will be in the construction stage of this entire website for awhile as changes are being made frequently.  We will also be adding different features and enhancements as well as have many more links become available soon.  Come back soon to check them out along with our updated site itself.

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